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Chapter 922 – Sword Practice smooth fair
“I suddenly lost.” Sadie was convinced of her defeat.
Sadie sensed terrible, but while doing so, she was very enthusiastic. She seemed to be a sword pract.i.tioner. For you to confront so various types of sword intents was of big help to her. Her perception of the sword deepened as her sword techniques has become better.
Nonetheless, this time, Zhou Wen was quickly beaten. This became while he was concentrated on defending and counterattacking, but as a result of presence of the attention of Odin, it was subsequently tough to guard against Sadie’s strikes.
Chapter 922: Sword Practice
Even so, Sadie wasn’t too stunned that such a thing obtained taken place to Zhou Wen. Gulli and Li Xuan weren’t shocked often. It was because he was Mentor. It wasn’t undesirable that they could conquer Sadie.
“I don’t know if this way can be used. Regardless, I won’t be able to do it. Furthermore, there is no requirement for that, proper? Just growing a particular sword objective towards the extreme is sufficient overcome an challenger. Why do you have to enhance a wide variety sword intents?” Gulli provided up. He got noticed numerous sword intents and sensed that his head was in a mess.
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Zhou Wen hit out at pretty much the same time frame. He was as quickly as super, exactly like Sadie. These people were both fast-strike sword techniques.
Let Me Game in Peace
Section 922: Sword Apply
Sadie defeated Zhou Wen for some consecutive rounds, but she was somewhat shocked.
Right after ability to hear the veteran’s terms, Zhou Wen realized that the appearance of the sword wasn’t important. He desired to be aware what he could do with the sword.
Zhou Wen randomly selected a practice sword. It had been the commonly noticed a few-ft .-longer sword during the East Region. It was actually right and light.
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Imagine a person who was easily conquered on your part in excess of 10 times. Then, just after a lot more than ten strikes, that you were not their fit. How horrifying was that?
Sadie experienced the attention of Odin, so Zhou Wen’s measures searched like slow movement to her. Consequently, provided that her sword’s performance could keep pace, Sadie could split Zhou Wen’s sword strategies.
Nonetheless, this point, Zhou Wen was quickly defeated. This has been because he was aimed at defending and counterattacking, but due to the presence of the attention of Odin, it was actually very difficult to guard against Sadie’s assaults.
Sadie never required to get. She thought it was unbelievable.
On the other hand, due to the fact Zhou Wen wanted to go on, Sadie experienced no alternative but to carry on.
However, this time around, Zhou Wen was quickly defeated. This is as he was centered on defending and counterattacking, but mainly because of the presence of the attention of Odin, it was subsequently very difficult to defend against Sadie’s episodes.
Exactly the same relocate against Sadie was pretty much condemned to failure. There was clearly absolutely no way of succeeding.
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Immediately after over ten attacks, Zhou Wen’s sword process obtained actually better significantly. It was actually unthinkable.
Even so, that wasn’t the situation. Every time Zhou Wen unsheathed his sword, the sword technique did actually turn out to be stronger than ahead of. It wasn’t just an improvement in strategy and performance, but moreover, the sword intention on his sword technique grew to be more robust and tougher.
“Draw your sword,” Zhou Wen said to Sadie.
Zhou Wen retracted his sword and did actually contemplate for just a moment prior to stating, “Continue.”
Section 922: Sword Process
Zhou Wen got only memorized the 3 thousand sword intents, but he hadn’t actually utilized them. Now, Zhou Wen wished to perform while using the three thousand sword intents himself to truly comprehend the subtlety with the sword intents.
On the other hand, the speed at which she has become stronger clearly couldn’t stay up with Zhou Wen. As Zhou Wen utilised several sword intents, Gulli was already dazzled. He couldn’t recall what number of sword intents Zhou Wen experienced utilized.
Ultimately, Sadie shed again.
Sadie was somewhat surprised as she recognized why Zhou Wen wished to continue.
Strangely, the sword move Zhou Wen made use of was still exactly the same.
Strictly speaking, the sword stance wasn’t important. That which was truly vital was three of the thousand sword intents.
“Again,” Zhou Wen retracted his sword and continuing.
Right from the start until now, Zhou Wen obtained already applied a lot more than ten sword intents. He was basically pounding Sadie in all types of extravagant approaches.
“Again,” Zhou Wen retracted his sword and persisted.
To him, the ability to conquer Trainer one time was anything really worth staying joyful about.
Soon after much more than ten happens, Zhou Wen’s sword technique got actually enhanced tremendously. It was subsequently unthinkable.

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