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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2214 – Just Running an Errand bloody whistle
Pilljade, your vision is usually as terrible as before!”
Immediately, Ye Yuan laid down a vast assortment creation across the void.
Inside a short dozen above breaths, there were clearly thousands of Empyreans and Correct G.o.ds that decreased.
“Everybody attack collectively! See how this cripple kills without mercy!”
Instantly, everyone’s gazes s.h.i.+fted to Ye Yuan, getting incredibly stunned!
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Incredible Eagle Imperial City’s heavens, miserable cries suddenly sounded out. The gone body systems of plenty of powerhouses decreased down in succession.
When Divine Eagle’s subject areas noticed this world, every one of those started yelling madly with enthusiasm.
Empyrean Windrider the ones grandmaster powerhouses were aware they may no more appearance on with flattened forearms.
Unrivaled Medicine God
Not a clue why, people thoughts coming from Ye Yuan’s mouth have been so convincing.
That was among the 11 disciples under Sacred Ancestor Higher Priest’s order!
How great was the effectiveness of this selection growth?
Empyrean Pilljade burnt off with fury. Clenching his jaws strongly, he shouted angrily, “Ye Yuan punk! This Empyrean hopes to find out how lots of tricks you will have! The southern part of Border Alliance, heed my instruction! All Empyrean powerhouses, assault with each other! Annihilate Divine Eagle!”
It turned out deathly private on top of the void. Nobody dared to undervalue Ye Yuan this impact anymore.
… really causeing this to be Empyrean perish of fun! A impact who doesn’t have divine heart and soul essentially dares to mention this type of offer!” Empyrean Pilljade laughed loudly and reported.
Operate an errand?
With this, the Southern Boundary Alliance’s side ridiculed even trickier.
Overlook the demon race’s Heavenly Emperor, whether or not Sacred Ancestor Higher Priest started in individual, also, he would not dare to conduct themselves atrociously from the man race’s territory!
“Wanting to bar the complete Southern Boundary Alliance by attracting a series, you, this impact, can also be overestimating your very own power too much!”
… really making this Empyrean kick the bucket of laughter! A cripple who doesn’t have divine substance essentially dares to say this kind of boast!” Empyrean Pilljade laughed loudly and mentioned.
Abruptly, everyone’s gazes s.h.i.+fted to Ye Yuan, being incredibly surprised!
Though he was getting restrained by Empyrean Chaoyuan, either side’s fight strengths were actually not on a single stage at all.
Empyrean Pilljade’s students restricted and then he mentioned in the solemn speech, “No matter who your prestigious self is, Perfect Emperor powerhouses are not to interfere in worldly matters! Let alone that you’re a good demon Heavenly Emperor! Is it that you’re planning on setting up a shift against us at potential risk of general condemnation?”
But Ye Yuan switched close to and explained coolly, “All back down!”
Consequently, Ye Yuan needed to kick the bucket!
When Pilljade observed this world, he could not assistance sneering coldly.
While the The southern part of Edge Alliance army also all quit until the discolored lines. Not one person dared to take 1 / 2 a step within the lines any further!
The issue was, even he, this Ninth Firmament Empyrean mighty skilled, actually could not tell how Ye Yuan installed across the development way too!
Perfect Emperor giant!
Consequently, Ye Yuan had to perish!
People that moved into this variety structure ended up all garroted!
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In the short dozens over breaths, there have been a large number of Empyreans and Correct G.o.ds that fell.

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